PeMi Technology - Factory For Materializing Dreams

During years,
I managed to make and sell: 


  •  more than 500 pcs Attiny85 development board - PicoDuino. 
  •  more than 500 pcs coin cell battery chargers. 
  •  more than 50 pcs KITs for self-assembly (DIY) Kits for Kids store. 
  •  more than 100 pcs LED wrist watches and Clocks. 
  •  more than 2000 orders overall to all world countries.

STORE: PeMi Technology

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STORE: Kits For Kids

I sell on Tindie



PCB integration

The age of the rectangular PCBs is already far away,

now PCB is not just be a carrier, it is device, enclosure or sensor

Factory for Materializing dreams

One day is it dream, but it's not just a dream, it's just a vision of the near future ...

Finding new solutions

Make simple and reliable circuit

Continuous improvement

Firmware updates

Advanced procedures

SMT assembly

Rapid prototyping